I'm currently exploring aquarelle or watercolour. The set shown is a Daler~Rowney with 12 colour pans.

I've worked with watercolours since I was a child but approaching 50 my interests are in just colour fields, colour charts, exploring colour.

     There are a lot of mediums of expression I've practiced including acrylic, oil, print making, drawing, and photography. I still occasionally make experimental soundscapes.

     In the past I have participated in many group gallery shows but did not find it to be fulfilling. If you would like a copy of my artist resume you may contact me.

     I've had a few clients in the past with my work but did not make enough money to cover art expenses. I am still in debt to art school. Past paintings + drawings are avail. upon request.

     I am an introvert and a visual thinker. Time on earth is limited and I'm using it more wisely. Peace.